Ritual Book: Cooking the Books

This is the Ritual Book. In this series we will look to explore and expand the role of rituals in Dungeons & Dragons 4e. We will focus on character options for players who want their ritual casters to cast more frequently and more effectively in game. In addition, we will offer up advice on how dungeon masters can make rituals a more important or integral part of the game. The goal is to encourage ritual use in general.

In this first installment, I would like to explore the financial aspect of ritual casting. One of the harshest criticisms of rituals is the constant financial tax. It can be very difficult for a player to make a choice between saving up for an important magic item or slowly whittling away at her resources to cast rituals throughout her career. It can be even harder to rationalize spending resources on rituals if your fellow players or dungeon masters are not keen on the time and results of rituals. With that in mind, I want to look at some character options for free or reduced cost rituals.

What Options Do I Have?

There are few ritual caster classes already out there for budget conscious ritualists. Currently the wizard and bard have the most freebies. A wizard receives two rituals to start as well as two free rituals of her level or lower at 5th, 11th, 15th, 21st and 25th. The bard is allowed lots of component free casting with bard rituals, once per day at heroic and one additional time per day at each tier. Do not forget you can pick up the Bardic Training class feature with the Bardic Ritualist multiclass feat if you like casting bard rituals for free. After that the field is slim. Psions, druids and invokers each receive one ritual they can cast for free whenever they like.

Some more versatile choices would be the skill powers Improvisational Arcana and Experienced Arcana. Both options are daily utility powers that cut the cost of a ritual in half, with some additional riders as well.

And that is about it. Unfortunate for sure. There are many ways to make multiple rolls on your ritual attempts or gain bonus to skills associated with rituals, however not many selections to reduce the financial burden of being a ritual caster.

Creating Options

I would like to propose several alternatives to help alleviate the financial strain of ritual casting. The goal here is to provide additional avenues for ritual casters to either offset the cost of buying rituals in the market or consuming gold for casting rituals.


Class Features:

Magic Items:


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