Rules as Unwritten is a collaborative blog that is a springboard for new ideas for crunchy material for the Dungeons & Dragons game. Crunch is a blanket term for technical rules used in accordance with those published by the game makers. This is often distinguished from “Fluff”, which is a blanket term for how those rules manifest in a game. Here at Rules as Unwritten, we’re not opposed to fluff at all, quite the contrary actually. We will often start with fluff, and end with fluff when designing new rules, so as to keep in the spirit of role playing, which is the nature of the game. However, the technical side of designing rules can be a difficult task as game balance is important to recognize as a major foundation for where the fun of the game derives. That’s where we’ll be focusing with this blog; to make new and supporting tools for technical use in the game.

Here at Rules as Unwritten we’ll be bringing you lots of technical tools that are new interpretations of already published material to supplement and support your own games. We play in, and have participated in many D&D games in the past and feel we have enough experience to push the limits, test the waters, and build from bottom up new rules for the game. Some of the top things we hope to invent, clarify and support are rules for Rituals, Items, Alchemy, Traps, Hazards, Terrain, Paragon Paths, Powers, Feats, Monsters, and even rules outside of the already designed features of D&D. All in all, we’re essentially doing what many already strive to do as authorities for such publications as Dragon, Dungeon, and Kobold Quarterly magazines. It should be noted that we currently play Dungeons & Dragons 4e, and that this blog will focus only on rules for that edition until … well, until things change.

We hope to bring the best and balanced new ideas to the table for all to enjoy, so we encourage anyone out there to take what you find here at Rules as Unwritten to use in your own games, but we’d love it even more if you pipe in and let us know what has interested you and what you might take with you. Please feel free to respond to our ideas on the blog with any of your own suggestions or brainstorms as well.

Good gaming,

The RAUW crew


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